• Four Steps – My 2018 Goals Part Two
    The best goals are executed slowly. I know someone whose new year’s goal is to take one fitness class per week. Then up that number after a month. This is an excellent way of establishing long-term habits. It prevents the burnout of starting big only to get discouraged later when we don’t meet our own sky-high expectations. I know how lofty expectations can be ultimately […]
  • My 2017 Reading
    At the bottom of every post, I put a book or two that I am currently reading. I don’t do this to show off. I do it because: 1) I’m interested in what other people are reading. 2) I think there might be people who would be interested in what I’m reading. 3) I love going to a blog and discovering a new book that interests me. So, I decided to put together a list of […]
  • New Year’s Resolutions Are a Waste of Time – My 2018 Goals
    The story is common: the new year rolls around and you realize that another year has passed. Another year of not losing that weight, or pursuing that dream, or investing in relationships. And that new year, like a flashing indicator of your passing life, brings a lift of hope you can change. So, you make a resolution or two or ten. This year you’ll stick to it. But you […]
  • Putting On My Pants
    Writing and stories are magic. And when I explain this to people, I see the look of confusion in their faces. I often concede that it sounds strange, but true. Because writing can sometimes feel like I am tapping into something much deeper than my own mind. The first step when I write a novel is to develop an idea. For O Negative, I was inspired by the blood shortage in […]
  • My First Novel
    I wrote the first words of my first novel on November 7, 2012. But there was a journey getting to that point. As I noted in a previous blog post, I wouldn’t be a writer without Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I honed my skills writing fan fiction and in online role play. The instant feedback was invaluable. The years after were dark times creatively. And my years of […]